Chinese Mission



We are the Synod Co-ordinating Group for Chinese Mission – Darlington District. We serve the Chinese communities within the North-East, mainly Newcastle, Middlesbrough and Durham. We have been based
in the North-East for 5 years now, and we have currently just
extended our work into Durham this academic year.


We base our mission on the 4 aspects of St. Cuthbert’s life which made him a saint:

– His work as a shepherd and pastor of souls teaches us to care for each other with compassion – especially to look out for the weak and suffering among us.

– His evangelising zeal in spreading the Gospel should move us to preach the message of the Gospel to the people around us, by our way of living and the witness of our lives as well as our words.

– His deep personal prayer and penance and on-going search for God inspires us to spend time in prayer and in deepening our prayer lives.

– His humble obedience to the voice of God through the voice of the church encourages us to live lives of humble obedience as we seek to do God’s will by following the teachings of our church and the guidance of our leaders.

With these 4 aspects we feel that we should implicate the same in everything we do, especially with us reaching into Durham’s community this year. We feel that it is important and vital to share the Word of God. Durham University being such a multi – diverse culture community of students; it is the perfect platform for us to use this opportunity to share the gospel and the good news in a specific place to reach all these international students.

As Lindisfarne today is a place of pilgrimage, reflection and restoration; it holds a chance where people can come to find renewal – a place where people can come to re-discover God.  We hope that we can implicate the same effect into Durham as it is Cuthbert’s final resting place by building them a community, new relationships and creating a sense of belonging for these students.

We currently started our first student fellowship in Durham at Old Elvet Road Methodist Church. Our fellowship is for international students which begin from 6-8pm every Friday. Feel free to come along and check it out!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please keep us in your prayers and may God guide us every step of the way!

Contact Information:

Rev. Lawrence Law – 07949026972 or

Joann Ng; our student/youth worker –
07515637215 or


Rev. Lawrence Law

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