Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

The 2008 season may not have given the Green Bay Packers a ticket to the Super Bowl, but the team played with class and spirit during the entire season. There was no lack of fan support in evidence, because after the opening game any available Green Bay Packers tickets were next to impossible to ufabet เข้าสู่ระบบเว็บตรง find. The team has had some offsetting moments lately over quarterback woes, but managed to smooth enough ruffled feathers to at least appear cohesive to casual observers. This year there does not seem to be the same type of unsettling undercurrents to worry about so the team can get down to the business of fielding a winning line-up.

A Look Back in Time

This pro football group had some humble beginnings that date back to August 11, 1919. This was when a small group of young men met in a small, dusty room inside the Green Bay-Press Gazette building and decided to form a team to play the sport of football. One of the men got his employer to pay for the jerseys and the company agreed to let the squad use the company field to hold practice. The name of this long ago company was the Indian Packing Company which led to the team adopting the name of “Packers”. After the first two highly successful years, the team drew the interest of some private sponsors from within the company. In 1921, the Packers were granted a franchise by the national football league organization. During these early years, the team had numerous financial setbacks as they tried to shore up support with Green Bay Packers tickets sales. In the 30s, there were still loyal fans, but money for sporting events was just more than most people had.

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