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Comments like “they are huge look how big #99 is, look how fast #23 is, man #12 can throw it a mile”, serve no useful purpose, unless you are looking for excuses for your team before the game even starts. These are some of the reasons why we don’t want our kids on the game field until 30 minutes before game time. Everyone in the planet is there 60-75-90 minutes before the game; we get er done in 30 minutes and have plenty of time to spare. It also usually freaks the other team out, they are not sure we are going to show at all, then when we do show up, we are doing all our pregame stuff with our helmets off and in a much different fashion than anything they’ve ever seen. On home games I’ve actually had opposing coaches call me at home (I live 3 miles from our home field) and ask me if they are at the right field and have the right time for the game, because no one from our team is at the field. All of our championship banners are hung on the gate that everyone must pass through to enter the stadium, but they enter a deserted field at a deserted High School in the middle of nowhere surrounded by gravel roads and cornfields. I let the coach know they are in the right spot and we will show for the game. Let them bake in the sun and have one more thing to worry about.

Face away from the competition during pre-game, don’t give your kids any reason or time to fret before the game, worry is a motivation and energy killer. We are always positive before the game, all smiles, but everything is very quick paced, done with precision, businesslike and identical week to week. We are always very calm and confident, but not cocky. As coaches, we speak in past tense of what we are going to เว็บแทงบอล accomplish that day and are always positive, positive, positive.

Our pre-game goals are all quantified and communicated to the team in past tense terms. We start off with our standard brief warm-ups and angle form tackling. We make sure and practice lots of extra points and kickoffs, because we expect to be doing a lot of those. Unlike what we do in football practice, we limit our kick returns because we don’t expect to have many of those that day. We practice subbing in lots of backups as you would expect to do in any game you win by a lot of points. What do your kids think if you don’t practice extra point kicks or subbing? They think the coaches don’t think they will score many touchdowns that day.

In one game in 2004, we played an Omaha team that was much bigger, faster and older than our rural all rookie team. They had a huge 200 lb tackle that could really move, we had just one player above 100 lbs and started 4 eight year olds in the backfield on this age 8-10 team. The other team got up on us by 2 TDs very early. At halftime, we calmly told our kids how happy we were with how they were playing and where we needed to make a few improvements. We talked about what we were going to do on offense and defense, no fire and brimstone stuff. We just talked about what football plays, adjustments and stunts we were going to use, why they were going

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